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The membership in CEO Clubs is for an individual and not an organization.

Should you want to be a candidate for CEO Clubs Greece membership, please submit the form below and submit it with two (2) business references to be reviewed by CEO Clubs Greece membership board.

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Occasionally, the media asks us to supply names of CEOs who they could interview and we, as a policy, do not supply any information whatsoever. Please check one of the following:
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Mission Statement
The primary purpose of CEO Clubs Greece is to inspire and educate business leaders within an atmosphere of friendship and unconventional thinking. We create a nurturing and inspiring environment for CEOs and Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to improving the quality of their life and enterprise
through the power of shared experience and personal growth.
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Terms & Conditions
i. All membership applications are subject to verification by CEO Clubs Greece

ii. You are expected to provide correct details when you are applying for membership and your failure to do so may invalidate your membership and any subsequent transaction. Your responsibility to provide accurate information is a continuing obligation and you must notify CEO Clubs in the event that any information provided by you changes

iii. Your membership is personal to you. You are responsible for ensuring that no one (other than your personal assistant, where applicable) uses your membership

iv. Membership fees are communicated upon application. The one-time initiation fee shall always be deemed to have been paid in the first membership year. Any increase in membership fees will be notified through to you in writing

v. Membership fees are due on acceptance of your membership application

vi. Your membership fee is non-refundable. However, CEO Clubs Greece may at its sole discretion elect to refund your membership fee in whole or in part depending on the circumstances relating to the cancellation of any membership. The initiation fee, where applicable, is non-refundable in any case

vii. CEO Clubs reserves the absolute right to cancel or suspend your membership (at its sole discretion) for any reason whatsoever. If CEO Clubs cancels your membership, we may refund the balance of the annual membership fee on a time apportionment basis in respect of the unexpired period to which the annual membership fee relates