The Club provides educational opportunities to its members to learn new ways of thinking, discuss challenges faced in business, exchange ideas and engage with local, national and international business leaders who are in the forefront of business development and thought; to facilitate the exchange of ideas and to create business opportunities.

The Club conducts various Forums, CEO round tables, business delegations and matchmaking events, annual retreats and educational courses throughout the year, featuring noted speakers and authors on a variety of businaess subjects and providing opportunities for personal, in depth sharing of expertise, new perspectives and approaches. The CEO Clubs meetings, in all chapters are free to members.


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Forums, feature speakers on a topic of interest to CEOs and followed by a round table discussion or a workshop. The Club has already organized the following Forum/ Roundtable meetings:

  • Fearless Leadership: Moving from Playing not to Lose to Playing to Win
  • The Recession Proof Business: Leveraging Export Business for Growth
  • The Virtual Leader: Building a Successful Company in a Global World
  • New Leadership Model: Applying the disciplines of Learning Organization
  • Organizational Transformation & Engagement: an Oxymoron?
  • Personal & Team Mastery for Radical Change and Radical Results
  • Driving Agility, Innovation and Growth through Outsourcing
  • Creating a Culture of Agile Leaders
  • Walking in the Dark

Speakers are selected based on their strong accomplishments and their ability to make innovative contributions to the CEO Clubs members. The Club strongly encourages the diffusion of experience knowledge.

Past Forum speakers in Greece include Dr Srini Pillay, Clinical Professor at the Harvard Medical School and CEO of Neurobusiness Group; Hendre Coetzee, President and Founder of the “90 Day Turn” System and founding member of the International Board of Coaching; Vassilis Katsos, President and CEO of Pharmathen SA, Christina Sakellarides, President of Interinvest SA, Panhellenic Exporters Association and Export Credit Insurance Organization (ECIO); Odysseas Charalambous, General Manager of CISCO Systems in Greece, Cyprus and Malta; Konstantinos Mavros, CEO of Positive Energy; Litsa Panayotopoulos, CEO of M2M Solutions; Christos Kartalis, Regional Manager of PharmaSwiss; Manolis Vordonis, Executive Director of Thenamaris Ships Management.


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The Circles are bi-monthly meetings exclusive to CEO Clubs members. Meetings are organized at a different site each time which can include a Member’s site.

Participation is limited to a maximum of 25 in order to facilitate open discussions among all members. One volunteering member undertakes the role of the “Discussion Igniter” on a practical topic based on his personal experience. As each Circle lasts 120 minutes, an exchange of ideas on the topic follows and round tables take over. The key ingredient of The Circles’ success is the environment of trust among the participant CEOs which fosters free expression of views and sharing of best practices. Circles can also be scheduled upon the short visit of an influential academic or business leader.

Business trips between our members in different countries frequently are arranged, especially in the USA, China, India and the Middle East.